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Examination Successes 2018

Students at ISB have continued to achieve excellent results in the Cambridge IGCSE and A Level examinations which are sat at the end of Year 11 and Year 13. It is these examinations that enable our students to gain places at universities around the world. In 2017 ISB became an authorised IB Diploma school so this is the final year where our students will sit the A level examinations so it is pleasing to see such excellent results for this year group.

Out of 317 separate IGCSE subjects taken by our students, only 3 did not achieve the award of a grade.
We are especially proud of the fact that out of these examinations, 28% of IGCSE examinations resulted in the award of the very top grades of A* or A. This is a wonderful reflection of the hard work of our students and teachers over the 2-year course.

Looking at all of the top passing grades (A* - C), our students have achieved at creditable 71% success rate.

We are justly proud of the performance of all of our students but a number need special recognition.
Gabriela achieved a staggering seven A*grades. Gabriela, Sara and Daria all achieved a 100% ratio of A* and A.

After IGCSE examinations, students enter our Sixth Form where they embark on their 2 year GCE A-level programme. The school achieved excellent results in Year 13 where 92% of all subjects taken resulted in passing grades being awarded. Of these 62% were in the upper A*-C range which is excellent.

Again we should acknowledge some of our outstanding students. Ana not only gained 100% A* and A grades but she also achieved the highest mark in the world for her Sociology examinations. She was joined by Mohammed, Nur and Alexandru who also managed a clean sweep of grade A* and A.

It’s impossible in a short piece like this to mention every student who deserves it. Each and every one of our students has worked hard and our baseline data clearly suggests that, with the support of our teachers and their parents, our students are achieving at, or above, their expected levels. Not every student will, or can, achieve the top grades. It is important to recognise the effort put in by all of our students to gain the best grades of which they are capable.

2018 Exam Results Statistics:

A*-A 28%
A*-C 71%
A*-G 99%

A Level
A*-A 27%
A*-C 62%
A*-E 92%