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The 2017 Graduation ceremony was a memorable evening for all involved. Particularly student-centred and lively, this year’s ceremony has certainly had its highlights: Mr. McShane’s Sixth Form video was original and personal to all involved and the ‘Party Starters’ managed to get the students to dance on stage with a fun ‘dance off’  which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Alex Florea, who represented Romania in Eurovision 2017, livened up the night with an array of sensational songs chosen by the students. The electrifying performance of the Poi Dancer, Adrian Popita, added a touch of magic.

Finally, Diana Deleanu, Director of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce spoke genuine words of encouragement to the students who were quite moved by her pearls of wisdom. Many thanks also to Dragos Nicula and Ilias Mustafa for organising the stage events. Dragos also performed the role of Master of Ceremony with great gusto and energy.

The speeches were heartfelt from Mr. Sinan Kosak and Mr David Newsham, but especially Mr. Ahmet Dundar, Head of Sixth Form in his farewell message not only to his Sixth Formers but to ISB, which was moving and inspiring. Year 13 Sixth former tutors, Ms. Helen Wilkinson, Mrs. Niamh Lone and Mr. Oytun Pekel, were genuinely pleased for their tutees after a year of hard work cajoling and coaching them! The decorations by the art teacher, Ms. Teodora Varzaru were both eye-catching and welcoming and technical help from Mr. Adrian Mardale and Monica Tele did not disappoint.

It truly was a remarkable and impressive night. Many thanks to everyone involved.