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ISB offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities for its students. Our intention is to attempt to provide each student with a chance to develop an area of interest, and to enhance their experience of school life overall.

All students are wholeheartedly encouraged to take this opportunity of beginning or pursuing an interest that lies outside the academic life of the school. Extra-curricular activities provide students with the chance to expand their horizons, and good universities throughout the world are always seeking students who have a breadth of experience. 

The program is divided into 3 sessions, autumn, winter and summer and runs for children aged 4 to 18. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday the activities will run from 15.15 to 16.15 and on Wednesday from 14.40 to 15.30, being the time when each child needs to be enrolled into an extracurricular activity. The activities offered include sports, performing arts, science, chess and board games, modern foreign languages, music and debating as well as special- interest clubs and extra academic lessons.

ECAs cover a wide variety of activities organized by our teachers. In addition, there are ECAs offered by external instructors. These include karate, swimming, basketball, young engineering, BIG personality, cooking & nutrition activities and playing musical instruments. A full list is available each term on the school website and the registration process is well explained to parents at the beginning of the academic year. Some ECAs have an additional charge. 


This year, registrations will only be done via Educare. Please follow these steps:
2. Click on the "Clubs" icon on the task bar at the top of the window.
3. Click on "Club"
4. Click on one of the clubs listed under "Available compulsory clubs" for details, then click on "Register Club" to complete registration.
5. Click on one of the clubs listed under "Available optional clubs"
*If you would like to make a school bus request, please contact directly the Black and White Travel Company before the clubs start, as they are entirely responsible for organising the transport. 
If you do not know your username and password for Educare or have not accessed Educare before, please contact for both primary and secondary students for an activation e-mail. 
Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Ingrid Stanciu, Head of Enrichment, at for further information. 
Dragi părinți, 
Au început înscrierile pentru al primul trimestru de Cluburi! Termenul-limită pentru înscrieri este Miercuri, 19 Septembrie. 
În acest an, înscrierile vor fi făcute doar prin Educare. Vă rugăm urmați acești pași:
2. Faceți click pe pictograma "Clubs"  din bara de aplicații din susul paginii.
3. Faceți click pe "Club" 
4. Faceți click pe cluburile disponibile afisate ca "available compulsory clubs, apoi apasati "Register Club" pentru a finaliza înscrierea.
5. Faceți click pe cluburile disponibile afisate ca "Available optional clubs", apoi apasati "Register Club" pentru a finaliza înscrierea.
*Dacă doriți să solicitați transport după club, vă rugăm contactați direct Compania Black and White Travel, înainte de începerea cluburilor, cum această companie este în totalitate responsabilă de organizarea transportului.
Dacă nu știți numele de utilizator și parola pentru Educare, sau dacă nu ați mai accesat Educare până acum, vă rugăm să contactați atât pentru elevii din scoala primară cât și pentru cei din liceu pentru un mail de activare.

Vă rog să nu ezitați să o contactați pe doamna Ingrid Stanciu, Coordonator programe de dezvoltare, la adresa pentru mai multe informații.