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ISB was founded in 1996 in a rented building with a total of just 17 pupils to meet the needs of the English-speaking community. Within a couple of years the school had grown in both size and scope. In order to serve an increasingly mobile international community, the curriculum gradually took into consideration the practices and requirements of a number of different systems.

In 2001 the School became a CIE Exam centre in order to run IGCSE examinations. The step of becoming a CIE exam centre and the school offering an IGCSE and AS/A level programme has further influenced the multicultural outlook of teachers and students. More than 40 countries are currently represented in the student body.

Despite separating the Primary School to a different campus in 2003, rapid expansion saw enrolment grow to around 350 students by 2004. This obliged the school to seek new premises. Many different locations were considered before Pantelimon was finally chosen as the site for the construction of the new purpose-built building.

With the generous help of our community, the project reached its final stage of planning in September 2006. The construction of the new campus has since finished, with the School operating in its new location since September 2008. The school offers a state-of-the-art school environment, on-site sport facilities and a conference hall as well as a cafeteria. Due to the support of an exceptionally close community, the future of ISB promises to be an exciting one.